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The creative dynamic that drove Glenn Gould throughout his life was expressed through avalanches of projects and the creation of multiple worlds. Glenn Gould, the musician, as interpreter, composer and radio performer, constructed his very own sound language. 

His recordings were highly innovative, as were his radio documentaries where he mixed music with sounds of speech. As a writer, both as theoretician and essayist, he developed new forms of musical interpretation some of which he adapted to television. His talent was also in demand in the world of cinema from which he borrowed myriad techniques for his masterful recordings. Alongside these many activities, Gould also experimented with being an orchestra conductor, aiming to one day dedicate himself completely to the art.

Glenn Gould began his musical career as an organist and became the greatest pianist and performer of the 20th century. Mastering the recording process, he vastly expanded his creativity through the application of new technologies, revolutionizing the interpreter’s role and relationship with the composer, the musical work and the audience.

From an early age, Glenn Gould envisioned the direction of his ideal musical career, noting in his journal: “I do not imagine playing before audiences indefinitely. I would prefer applying myself to composition and later to conducting.” Chamber music, symphony and opera were all on the program. Being the interpreter-composer that he was, Gould insisted on the necessity to recreate musical works by paying great attention to form and structure.

Multi-faceted, Glenn Gould, the musician, also became a writer, a theoretician and essayist. His writings expressed the unity of vision and coherence for which he strove in his innumerable creative projects. As well, radio, television and film became infinite sources of inspiration for him.

Glenn Gould, Universe of a Genius invites the reader to explore the ideas of this authentic creator who chose to regard his oeuvre as beyond the powerful influences of contemporary trends. This compilation of essays offers insight and understanding, through a diversity of approaches and views, of the variety of mediatic languages spoken so fluently by this genius of sound.

Glenn Gould, Universe of a Genius opens new avenues, advances captivating theories and analyses from a variety of fields and contributes to a deeper comprehension of the complexities of Gould’s oeuvre, as much as of the man behind it all.

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