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The Governess: Balford Manor by Joan Russell. 4,266 Words. Victorian Erotic Romance. The First in a trilogy. When Sarah Brandford applied for a job as governess with the Earl of Barclay she did not dream that she would be expected to bear the Earl’s children as well as raise them. Nor did she expect to fall deeply in love with her handsome, wealthy, young, noble employer. Contents: Explicit erotica, oral sex, anal sex, bondage, multiple orgasms, hooding, whipping and more. All Characters are 18 and over. Adult +. Other The Governess Stories: Early Days, Lady Elizabeth Exacts Her Pound of Flesh, The Governess Erotic 3-Pack.


“Did your godfather explain all my requirements?” the Earl asked. The deep sound of his voice sent shivers up her spine.

“He said you were looking for a governess,” she replied.

“Well, partially,” he said. “My wife is delicate. She cannot bear children. I am seeking to find a woman who would consider becoming a surrogate mother to our children – to my children. That woman will raise our children as their governess and have an honored place in our household. The pay will be commensurate with the responsibilities and she will be given a house on accepting the terms of her employment which she can rent out for additional income until her retirement.”

Sarah could hardly breathe. Was she hearing him correctly? Was he offering her a position as his mistress, a mistress in his home, under his roof? Was he doing this with his wife’s blessing?

“Because of the unusual circumstances of this agreement, that woman will be provided for by contract for the rest of her life,” the Earl reiterated. He stopped speaking and looked deep into her eyes.

“Your wife agrees to this?” she croaked, her throat thick with a feeling of passion the likes of which she had never before experienced. She was aware of a contraction in the pit of her stomach that seemed to be connected to the shortness of breath he was eliciting from her. The passion did not impede her reason. He was solving every problem she face, but at a price. She would, even in her own estimation, become something of a whore for security.

“My wife wants me to be happy. We need an heir. She cannot produce an heir nor can she make me happy. She loves me and agrees that this idea would be a solution to our little difficulty. Because Balford Manor is well removed from general society, the arrangement would be secret from our friends and family. Would you consider becoming my love, Sarah?” He leaned forward, took her face between his hands and lowered his lips to hers.

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12. Februar
Joan Russell

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