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Grumpy Alpha

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*Warning: cover-to-cover gay anal sex*


“Find a mate or I will pick one for you.”

The message from Felix’s pack leader is clear. He wants every omega in their pack to mate and get themselves pregnant. The sooner, the better.

Unfortunately, Felix learns that the Alpha plans to mate him to several of the largest brutes to make them cool down. Something that might shorten Felix’s lifespan more than he cares for.

The only solution is to persuade the only alpha Felix wants. It would be easy enough if Nero wasn’t the biggest and grumpiest recluse in their pack. Nero is also head of their enforcers, which makes him more than capable of dealing with unwanted visitors and lovesick omegas.

But Felix has never backed down to a challenge. Not even if he has to lay siege to the alpha’s cabin until Nero starts to see reason.

Besides, anything is allowed in war and lust, right?

HEA. Kinks.


Main kinks: Bareback sex, breeding, knotting.
Other kinks: Public sex



“It’s time to make a move, Felix,” the pack’s Alpha said in his most booming voice, making Felix wince at the sound of his Alpha’s displeasure. His pack leader was twice his size, and he never hesitated to use brute force when necessary. Felix had always considered him a fair leader, but his latest requests made him want to flee instead of give in.

Felix had been called to the Alpha’s office the same morning. He knew precisely what the Alpha wanted. He had announced it publicly at the last pack meeting, and every omega had felt the pressure ever since. Felix knew there was no point in arguing with his Alpha, but he had to try.

“I’m sorry. I don’t understand what you expect of me, Alpha?”

His Alpha laughed. “I think you know exactly what I mean, Omega. It’s about time you got laid. Our pack needs more pups, and you haven’t even started searching for an alpha to knock you up. I want all our omegas to get pregnant as soon as possible. But you seem more interested in having your nose in a book instead of placating to any of our alphas’ needs.”

Felix hated the idea of letting the unmated alphas treat him like a cum receptacle, only to throw him away afterwards. It had happened too many times, and he’d learned his lessons. Initially, they always used sweet words to lure him in, only to become another obnoxious alpha after getting laid. Felix was done with it.

“I don’t have a mate among our pack,” Felix said, trying to give a valid reason for his reluctance.

“Nonsense. Fated mates are just a figment of your imagination, Felix. You have read too many books lately. Whether you mate or not, you can still get pregnant with any of our single alphas.”

“I prefer a mate I can tolerate for a bit longer than a quickie, Alpha,” Felix said, hoping his Alpha would see sense.

“Then you better get a move on. You have two more days to pick an alpha, or I will pick one for you.”

“Two days?” Felix paled but bowed his head when his Alpha’s eyes fired at his obstinacy.

“Two days. And I can guarantee you won’t like my choice,” the Alpha said.


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Lisa Love

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