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No stranger to life's near-tragic endings, Keith B. Wheeler, celebrated author, accomplished educator, distinguished speaker, multi-degree holder, mentor, and spiritual leader, identifies with how personal decisions can either lead to devastation or to triumphant growth. "The gifted teacher," as many now refer to him, has taken the nation by storm with his piercing messages, openness, and aptitude to inspire. Meager beginnings and a chilling life journey become the backdrop to a purpose of motivation and personal empowerment fulfilled. Born in Seattle's South Side, Keith was challenged by the ills of society at an early age. The teenagers he grew up with were the products of broken families and poor education, and many were experienced criminals before they entered high school. However, Keith was able to overcome the many negative influences that surrounded him by enrolling in an accredited institution and graduating with honors. He then went on to pursue a career in education, where he continues to excel-quickly moving up the ranks-in an effort to teach, nurture and motivate the next generation. A speaker's journey: A petite woman from New York City, by the name of Dr. Evelyn Rothstein, noticed Keith's voice during a presentation he provided as a classroom teacher. Rothstein said, "The moment was surreal-as if he placed an influence upon us all that forced us to remove the mentality of complacency. He was so young, yet his words felt beyond experienced and believable..." She reflected on his truth, spirit, and pain, all presented in stories of determination, fully aware that one day, if he took this art form seriously, the world would be inclined to hear his story. In September of 2012, Keith responded to his gift to inspire and speak life into the ears and hearts of audiences of all kinds. After forming his consulting firm, Keith B. Wheeler, LLC, Keith, with his team have set out to make a significant impression on every aspect of what he refers to as, "the human condition." Whether it is in education, business, athletics, faith-based factions, or service-oriented organizations-Keith aims to transform lives. Thus, with his sharp focus, Keith is leading his team and company ahead and making a noteworthy difference. With a greater online presence, Keith aims to reach the world, committed to his purpose to spring forth hope in all people, desiring real motivation that commands real change in their lives.

Gesundheit, Körper und Geist
31. Juli
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 2 edition