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Warning: This is not another ordinary book of poetry. Its content will take you to places you might never have been before. In these unfamiliar locations you could experience uncomfortable emotions. If you are afraid of independent thinking; it is strongly advised that you select another book. Those in the trenches advocating for human rights; will find valid mentions of their endeavors. Leaders are provoked to implement alternatives to many failed policies. Children should be guided until they are equipped with abilities; to comprehend on their own.
There are no set rules by which anyone must read this book in order to grasp the essence of Hard Core Poetry's personal, instructional, global relevance and social hot potatoes. These are the components by which this work is categorized. You could move from page-one to the last page yet find things that engage your imagination. Some are arranged like songs: If you listen carefully you may hear their vibratory melodies.
Within these pages are elements of interest for all matured minds, beings that are searching for clarity and those that are not afraid of asking questions. Free Thinkers will navigate through matrix of illusion; using provocation tools placed within. You that are not afraid to think will find the content of this book; intriguing and thought provoking. You will be relieved to know you are not alone in this confusion; called human society.

Belletristik und Literatur
26. November
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