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Healing Hearts and Souls is a series of short stories providing many examples of Inner Healing or Soul Healing. Some are from the author's personal experience and others are from people she has worked with over the years. She gets excited about Inner Healing Prayer because she knows it works.
These stories illustrate God's desire for all of His children to be totally healed. They were written to inspire and encourage emotional healing. The book can be used as a daily devotional or read in any order.
"Shirley Wilson has worked closely with me as an Emotionally Free(r) Teacher and National Lead Facilitator for over two decades. She is not only a Christian counselor but is, with this her first book, making her mark as an author. I highly recommend Healing Hearts and Souls. As you read, you will not only be inspired but will become more emotionally whole."
Rita Bennett, M.A., M.F.T. Counselor, and author of Heaven Tours.
"This book is going to bless everyone who reads it. Most authors find it hard to share the weaknesses and problems their families have gone through, but Shirley has been so clearly honest in her stories that it will cause other people to deal with the difficult times in their lives more openly and honestly."
Fr. Dick O'Driscoll, Former Associate Pastor, St. Luke's, Seattle.
"Healing Hearts and Souls is truly inspirational. Each thought-provoking short story touched my emotions and left me feeling encouraged."
Crystal Linn, Executive Director of Martin's Muses.(r)
Shirley Wilson has been Director of the Inner Healing Ministry at St. Alban's Episcopal Church in Edmonds, Washington, since 1987. She organized, promoted, and taught the Emotionally Free(r) Course, written by Rita Bennett, every spring for over twenty years. She also facilitates national seminars on Inner Healing each summer for the Christian Renewal Association. In her private practice she works as an Inner Healing Prayer Counselor.

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