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Health Benefits of Rosemary For Cooking and Health
Table of Contents

Getting started
Chapter # 1: Intro
Chapter # 2: How is rosemary commonly used?
Chapter # 3: Types of rosemary
Chapter # 4: Selection, cultivation and storage tips
Chapter # 5: Precautions

Benefits of rosemary to the brain
Chapter # 1: Enhances memory and concentration
Chapter # 2: Provides neurological protection
Chapter # 3: Helps against migraines
Chapter # 4: Eases stress
Benefits of rosemary to the body
Chapter # 1: Fights cancer
Chapter # 2: Protects from macular degeneration
Chapter # 3: Improves hair growth
Chapter # 4: Improves digestion
Chapter # 5: Skin care
Chapter # 6: Good source of Vitamin C

Herbs have been used as natural remedies to all sorts of health problems for centuries. The ancients Greeks in particular, put a lot of emphasis on the use of herbs in the treatment of a variety of medical conditions. To this day, Greek medicine is practiced by its advocates as an alternative to contemporary medicine. In fact, modern science has started to prove what the ancient herbalists used in their medicine is actually effective.
One prominent herb that has been used in medicine since millennia is rosemary. More specifically known as Rosmarinus officinalis, it is a perennial, woody herb that is characterized by sweet-smelling, needle-shaped leaves and flowers whose color may be white, blue, pink or purple. This herb originates from the Mediterranean region and belongs to the family of mint.
Although it is used frequently by many people in several roast dishes and various types of stuffing for its characteristic aroma and strong flavor, in particular, in Italian cuisine, it has an astonishing lot of health benefits, many of which have been proved by research and some which, scientists are still in the process of researching on. These health benefits concern both the human mind and body, ranging from mild health conditions to extremely severe ones.
The aim of this book is to provide you with all the information required to get acquainted with this humble yet potent herb, and how to properly include it in your daily consumption so that you can avail its benefits to the fullest. Once you have finished reading, you will realize how simple it is to take advantage of the many health benefits of rosemary.
Rosemary is an herb which is surprisingly understated, but once you've read of its benefits, you’ll be convinced that it deserves to stand beside the most renowned of herbal medicines!

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