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In today's world, you are literally inundated with diets and the latest fitness trends. It's an impassable jungle of tips, advice and diets that you find yourself in. It is self-explanatory that you should eat a healthy diet. After all, you only have this one body and if you treat it with too many unhealthy things, sooner or later you will get the bill.

So what can you do to reduce your weight in a healthy and above all sustainable way, but without having to give up culinary delicacies? Because if you do without, then you can also go on a dubious diet. The solution to the riddle is a change in diet that you like! Only a change of diet can help you to permanently reduce your weight and keep it. In addition, you can prevent health problems with a permanent dietary change permanently or contain them considerably! Surely you are now asking yourself the question how you can achieve this goal?

Short and compact: What does this fitness cookbook promise you?

✓ 600 tasty recipes for your long-awaited dream body

✓ How you can not only finally change your diet permanently, but also how you can keep up the change of diet

✓ How to feast yourself slim with delicious dishes without feeling like you have to do without

✓ How you can maintain and support your health

✓ How you feel good all around

✓ and many more secrets!

Just by changing your diet, you can avoid serious problems such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, joint problems, heart attacks, avoid, circumvent or even significantly reduce the risk of these.

You only have this one body and this one health. So it is of utmost importance that you treat yourself well. Here this book wants to support you and show you a way that is NOT lined with setbacks and frustration, does NOT have a yo-yo effect, does NOT frustrate you and make you doubt everything and does NOT taste disgusting or monotonous.

Kochen, Wein und Gastronomie
13. Februar


Coco_Glam ,

One of the best books on cooking I've ever bought.

This is probably the best cookery book I've ever bought.

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