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Some nights have unforseen consequences...

These six tales explore what happens when rogues are faced with the aftermath of a night of pleasure. Get lost in each story as the ladies approach the gentleman and give them the happy news, or in some cases, the surprise they never expected.

When a Rogue Falls by Sasha Cottman: For Sir Stephen Moore, love will never be on the cards. But Cupid is not without a sense of humor. After helping her family deal with a dangerous blackmailer, Lady Bridget Dyson and Sir Stephen celebrate. A little wine and some wicked flirting leads to a night of passion. Bridget now has to break the news of impending fatherhood to a man determined to avoid commitment at all costs.

Escaping the Earl by Lauren Smith: Beatrix Lethbridge is desperate to avoid an arranged marriage and the only way out is to get compromised. The best man for the job is notorious rakehell Richard Savage, the Earl Rivers. But when Beatrix and Richard's one night of passion has more consequences than simply stopping an unwanted marriage, Richard must win Beatrix's reluctant heart.

This Rogue of Mine by Amanda Mariel: Lady Cordelia Daventry may be a spinster, but she has not given up all hope. When she finds herself alone with the well-known rogue Nathaniel Lowell, Viscount Wolverton, she embraces her chance to experience desire. Now they must face the consequences of their actions.

Loving My Wicked Rogue by Dawn Brower: When Lady Penelope finds herself in a delicate condition she has a decision to make, and nothing seems quite right. Instead of discerning what she should do on her own she pays Roman, the Duke of Lindsey a call and unburdens her troubles on him. Hoping, he will do the gentlemanly thing and take responsibility for the dilemma he helped create.

The Trouble with Rogues by Nadine Millard:

My Lord, My Rogue by Anna St. Claire:

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