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There are two version of this erotic story. In both versions, a woman has fallen in love with a person who is forbidden to her, and she makes love on numerous occasions with that person. In "Her Shameful Desires.", the forbidden person is a slave of sorts. In "The Princess, Her Harem, Her Brother and the Duel." the forbidden person is her brother.
This novel contains two arcs:
Arc 1: "The Princess and Her (All Female) Harem."
Arc 2: "The Princess and Jason."
Princess Maria has a problem. Well, that should be problems, as in the plural. Firstly, there's her mind, but we won't go into that. Secondly, she's got six beautiful and sexy female Knights who would like nothing more than to make her do things in bed that Princesses just aren't meant to do. Thirdly, she's got a gorgeous Priestess and three beautiful acolytes who are just dying to make love with her; and just because she's a Princess, she can't even visit them. And that is just plain wrong.

Fourthly, though, she also has a crush on her Priestess's handsome young helper. Now he's a man, and as every woman knows, men are just vile creatures who ought to be locked up in the impregnation halls. She can't help herself, though. She loves him with all of her heart, and forbidden as it might be, she wants to make love with him as well. She can't even go to see him let alone admit her desire in public, though, so it looks like her dreams are going to go unfulfilled. Having said that; he's old enough to visit her now, and her planet is the sort where you're not alive unless someone is scheming behind your back…

Belletristik und Literatur
27. August
Simon Seeward

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