HIT - new and improved

High Intensity Training: How to spend less time and build more muscle

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HIT - new and improved Incredible muscle gains with only a few short workouts per week. One to two hours of High-Intensity Training per week are much more productive than working out in the gym every day! In contrast to popular belief - more is not always better. Modern exercise science has determined precisely how long an effective workout should last and how often a muscle should be trained for optimum growth. Dr. Giessing''s latest edition of his very successful book on High-Intensity Training (HIT) comes with several exact plans for building muscle in shorter time. The new High Intensity Training delivers optimum muscle gains using very short, but extremely efficient workouts. The right exercises and brief but intense effort - allowing for optimum recuperation - will force your muscles into new growth. The new HIT comes with several additional benefits: You will profit from pronounced cardiovascular adaptions - enhanced physical endurance, strengthening of the heart and the cardiovascular system - without additional endurance training. Other parameters of physical fitness that will be improved considerably by the new HIT are strength, speed, and overall flexibility. There are a lot of good training systems to build muscle but none of them offers the combined advantages of the new HIT. It may sound too good to be true - training less but making better muscle gains and improvements in all other parameters of physical performance. Dr. Giessing explains in detail why current sports research has turned to High-Intensity Training. Based on more than 200 scientific references and the practical experiences of elite bodybuilders, Dr. Giessing presents new and optimized HIT-workouts, ranging from beginners to top-athletes and bodybuilders. You can choose from several short but intense workouts ranging from one to four workouts per week, depending on how often you would like to train. You will learn how simple and time-sparing effective training for instant muscle gains and outstanding physical fitness can be. Optimum workout quality allows for solid muscular gains without bulking up on calories excessively or using loads of expensive sports supplements. Dr. Giessing''s book leaves no aspect of effective muscle building untouched: It explains in detail how High-Intensity Training produces an anabolic stimulus, how to choose the right resistance, the ideal repetition speed, the optimum amount of rest between sets and exercises, the number of workouts per week, the minimum number of workouts for effective muscle building, how to avoid overtraining once and for all, and much more. The new High-Intensity Training targets both types of muscle fibers - fast and slow-twitch - very effectively. This is another reason for the outstanding strength and muscle gains it produces. And there is no need for a cool-down after the workout, as shown by new scientific studies. This saves you even more time in the gym! With his scientific background and more than 30 years of practical experience Dr. Giessing explains convincingly and in plain language why volume training and extensive double-split routines have dominated bodybuilding for so long and why HIT with its high-quality approach to training may be the better option for you. This book provides you with all the information you need to make the best improvements of your life, including the background on how to easily get back into shape fast after a layoff and an insightful and inspiring foreword by another renowned strength training expert, Dr. James P. Fisher from England. If you want to build muscle fast, markedly increase your strength and at the same time increase endurance, flexibility and speed, the new HIT is the right training system for you! Reclaim the joy of training - with only a few short workouts per week and great successes! About the author: Dr. Jürgen Giessing is a German professor of sports science. He teaches exercise science and sports medicine at the University of Kaiserslautern-Landau, Germany. His main field of research is the process of muscle training, physiological adaptation to training and all factors relevant for muscle building. Dr. Giessing is a renowned expert on High-Intensity Training and has published several peer-reviewed studies in international journals and a best-selling book on HIT in German. His advice is highly sought after by competitive and professional athletes, including Olympians and professional bodybuilders.

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