Holly's Hot For Santa Sex: A Tasty Christmas Cracker For Old Nick

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Hot Holly Tanner is dying for some dick at Christmas - and she particularity likes the older variety; especially if they've got big white beards, long red coats, big flabby bellies and large stiff...

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Here's a taster of what to expect in Holly's horny little tale:

Holly nearly fainted with excitement. She did give a little squeal. Santa glanced up. He was very fat and elderly, with a thick white beard and ruddy cheeks. He had gold-rimmed glasses and a nose nearly as red as his reindeers’. His eyes gaped when he caught a glimpse of Holly.
She opened the window and seductively leaned out so that her ample bosom swayed deliciously in the lacy cups of her silky nightie.
Santa’s jaw dropped.
“Hi, Santa,” she purred. “You came.”
“Well, not yet, my dear,” he said in a friendly voice.
Holly giggled.
“Are you all alone, my dear?” asked Santa, glancing up and down the road.
“Yes I am,” she confirmed. She was so excited. Her belly fluttered and her nipples were erect. She imagined what Santa’s fat, old cock would feel like in her tight, young quim. She pressed her inner thighs together and gave a little pant of desire. “The front door’s open,” she said. “Just lock it after you come in so we won’t be disturbed.”
Santa chortled excitedly and rubbed his hands together as he waddled up the garden path.
Holly shut the window and hurriedly positioned herself on the bed – breasts pushed up, head slung back, her legs crossed.
The front door opened and closed, and very soon Santa’s heavy feet clumped up the stairs.
Holly was squeaking with anticipation.
There was a quick knock on her bedroom door before it opened.
Santa came in, his cheeks red as he huffed and puffed. He was very fat and elderly. His beard was huge and wiry.
“Oh God, you’re actually here,” squealed Holly.
“Yes I am. How could I turn down such a tempting offer?”
The old man in the red suit looked her up and down, rubbing his hands with glee.
“My, my, you are a tasty young thing, aren’t you, Holly.”
She gave her shoulders a little shake, just so her boobs quivered.
Santa shuddered, staring at her cleavage.
“Do you realize, Holly, that on Christmas Eve, after I’ve delivered all my presents, I get my annual fuck?” he said.
“And am I going to be your fuck, Santa?”
“Oh yes, you busty little tease,” he chuckled.
“Come on, then.”

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12. Juli
Rebecca Ryatt

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