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It wasn’t a match made in heaven, it was a match made in the boardroom

Bestselling bondage author Powerone takes readers beyond Eyes Wide Shut and 50 Shades of Grey in his most masterful novel yet. Molly was a month away from graduating with her MBA. She’d done it in five years in order to save money. She’d graduate with honors, summa cum laude and it required all her talents to do it. With her degree came student loans that were one hundred-one thousand dollars, but it was a worthy investment for her future. She’d become a teacher’s assistant to help pay the bills and she found that it required much more than grading papers and doing research. Her professor had more demanding uses of her luscious body. He taught her the pleasure of serving him in any manner he desired and BDSM seemed to be the theme. She found it provoking strange desires in her to serve.

Handsome, young and a billionaire, he had his choice of almost any woman and he took advantage of that. He has no desire to be married, at least not now. His sexual appetite grew to be more jaded, but tying up women and having his way with them didn’t bring the excitement that it should.

Michael was always generous with his university that gave him the tools to his success, parting with a million-dollar check when asked. He was caught off guard when the dean of the business school offered him an opportunity, but it came with a price of a twenty-five million dollar donation for a new state of the art AI computer lab building. Then there was the million dollar membership fee for the House of Surrender, a two-hundred-year-old organization that neither Michael nor anyone else ever heard of, that went with it.

House of Surrender is a place where the elite met to celebrate the domination of submissive women in a background of decadent wealth and ceremony. Hundreds of years of training brought them to the pinnacle of excellence in turning women into the truly submissive slaves that men of quality desired. While Michael might have thought he knew what was required on his part, he was quickly shown he was disillusioned with a fantasy that the modern movies taught.

The university, in conjunction with the House of Surrender, would find the ideal candidate that had the disposition, but not the training necessary to please Michael’s discerning tastes. The candidate and Michael would undergo the rigorous training at the House of Surrender until both were pleased with their roles. Was this an expensive hoax or could it deliver what it promised?

Molly and Michael’s lives collided, brought together by the dean of business. Michael would donate to the university and Molly would get paid handsomely, free of her student loans along with a six-figure cash settlement. All of it required her complete submission to Michael at the House of Surrender for six months. Could she submit so easily? Her professor gave her a glimpse of what it would be like, but House of Surrender would require her ultimate and complete submission. She would lose her ability to say no.

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