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Would you like to look at your lover in a different way, looking forward to wrapping your arms around her and holding her warm body against yours. As you savor her undressing and climbing into bed with you, you know that you are a maestro of your lovers body, as you take her to sensory heaven again and again. In this book, I show men and women new ways of experiencing sensual and sexual delight.

Why should a man read this book?

If you would like to dismiss performance anxiety, forever.
If you can be open to the idea that your lovemaking capabilities can be expanded to include the delivery of unparalleled ecstasy, time after time.
If you would like to savor the touch of your lovers body with a renewed excitement every day.
If you would like to have sensation of holding your lover be as delicious as it was the very first time.

Why should a woman read this book?

To learn how her lover can enjoy every moment of touching her in ways that will have her humming with delight.
To experience her lover being proud of the ecstasy they will be able to provoke from her.
To refine her knowledge of the sensitivity of her own body.
To enhance her capacity to give and receive pleasure.
To have access to daily pleasure with her newly awakened lover.

Gesundheit, Körper und Geist
29. März
Balboa Press

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