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When Do You Need Poise, and When Can You Do without It?
Poise, the Second Word for “Cool”
All about Cultivating Poise
Stop Thinking of Yourself!
Oh that Chatterer!
Your Magic Touchstone
Pay Attention to Me!
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When you look at a person for the first time, there is an immediate first impression, which may subconsciously influence you positively or negatively against him/her initially.

This is where a large number of people managed to impress other people subconsciously, just because they have some innate dignity, or a sense of poise, which is not only impressive, but also manages to communicate that idea that the person is in control, has lots of self-confidence, and as they say in higher circles, “has class, breeding, and dignity!”

This is the reason why when I was talking to a couple of my colleagues, about poise and dignity – especially their interpretation of it – they spoke like any other normal human being would speak. “She stays calm and tranquil, when other people around her are making a fuss, or making a loud noise. She does not lose her dignity, nor does she look so hassled and uncomfortable, that one knows that one cannot turn towards her, in moments of distress for support.”

Now that lady has poise. She is a power in the land, because she never loses her head in difficult situations or emergencies, is a support to all the people around her, instead of getting discouraged, and looking for support, and has the power to keep everybody’s spirits up, when things go drastically wrong.

They are just a few people out there, in my experience, who have the power to do this. You may know some of them. If you are one of them, you are lucky, because you have taught yourself poise. You show a calm and tranquil front, in front of everybody around you, and that is why everybody is subconsciously drawn to you. In fact, you may find yourself becoming the universal friend, guide, philosopher and shoulder to cry on, just because of your poise, and reassuring demeanor.

Do you know that even you can learn poise very easily?

I never knew that I had poise, until I found a couple of my friends at college, laughing at me, because they had played a rather mischievous and malicious prank on me. And I had fallen for it. When I found out what they had done, instead of pouting , I went one step further, I laughed at myself, in all good humor, and congratulated them for making me out to be such a thickheaded mutt!

Surprisingly enough, after that I noticed that my friend circle had increased to encompass the whole college, because it was no fun playing jokes on me, because I used to laugh uproariously, instead of sulking, because hey, people were laughing at me, well, that is the beginning of poise.

I thought it was a personality trait, but later on, a professor told me that this was known as poise, I had it, I had to cultivate it to be a success in life, and also, poise shows maturity. Born leaders have poise. They also have dignity, along with charm – all of these personality traits are something you can learn, with a little bit of training.

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