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God once gave His best secret to a cook! His name was Brother Lawrence – a monk who lived in the 17th century.. God was his best friend. His book, The Practice of the Presence of God has sold millions of copies, in many different languages, all over the world. For many, it has been one of the key books in their Christian faith. How to Enjoy God All the Time is the children’s version of this now famous book. It tells Brother Lawrence’s story in words that are easy for a child to read and understand. Each of the 26 delightful illustrations is accompanied by an excerpt from Brother Lawrence’s book. Then, there is an action for the young reader to try. This is to encourage the children to enter their own happy friendship with God. It has also been said, by many adults, that the book kindled a fire for God in their hearts, in spite of the simple language and illustrations geared for younger readers. It has been said that there is no junior Holy Spirit. And Jesus Himself said that unless we become like little children, we cannot enter the kingdom of God. Yet, in most of our spiritual training of children, we try to make them more like adults. Brother Lawrence was childlike in his experience of the presence of God. Perhaps this was why he was able to sustain such a profound enjoyment of Him. In writing this book, the author felt like she began to know this wonderful monk. Each illustration of him shows him smiling and surrounded by hearts. He was madly in love with God, and that it was the depth of that passion that influenced everything about his life. In adding a recommended action for each excerpt, Chris has tried to capture that passion, and gently guide the children into a practical application for their own lives. So now, everyone can learn the wonderful secret about being God’s friend. Find out what Brother Lawrence knew about how you and God can just laugh and enjoy each other all the time. Millions have. And soon, a new generation of children will too.

10. August
Chris Fields

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