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How to get out debt forever is a question that has been searched on Google over 27 million times! As a country alone, the United States has over a trillion dollars in credit card debt. 

Did you know that over 70% of Americans die in debt!? Although these statistics are devastating, it does not mean that you have to join the crowd. The saying money makes the world go round is absolutely true; money can guarantee you an exciting lifestyle, glorious possessions and sometimes even a little happiness. There is only one catch! Most times there isn't enough money to go around and we have to borrow in order to sustain a lifestyle or resolve inevitable monetary problems.
Let's get out of debt together, and take control of our financial destiny!

In this book, you will learn step by step, proven methods that I personally used to get out of debt and live a financially free life without the burden of having to make the dreadful monthly payment.

What you will learn:

Chapter 1: Basics of Finances
Chapter 2: Your Income & Expenses - lower your expenses and pay down debt
Chapter 3: Budgeting better with proven systems that I used to pay down 10k of debt in under a year!
Chapter 4: Create a painless schedule to pay back debt quickly
Chapter 5: Getting out of debt(bad debt i.e, credit card debt and loans)
Chapter 6: 7 habits and mindsets that the financially wealthy know and you don't

Let me help you stay out of debt for the rest of your life!

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