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Table of Contents

Benefits of Mushrooms
Health Benefits of Mushrooms
Other Beneficial Uses of Mushrooms
How Mushrooms Grow
Places One Can Grow Mushrooms
Outdoor mushroom growing
Preparation of logs and stumps in your Courtyard
Medium for fungal preparation
Stump drilling
Spawn run
Courtyard Preparation Procedures
Courtyard Garden Patch
Preparation of a chip bed
Spore Harvesting From Mushrooms
Spore Harvesting From Mushrooms
Spore Collection Techniques
Spore syringe
Poisonous, Toxic & Psychoactive Mushrooms
Toxic/Poisonous mushrooms
Psychoactive Mushrooms
Myths about Mushroom Picking
Family features of Different Mushroom Species
Miscellaneous Information on Mushrooms
Author Bio


Thank you for acquiring this book. It is the hope of the author that with this gardening guide, readers will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and information to establish and manage a courtyard mushroom plot. Truth be told, not everyone you will meet, will appreciate the value of mushrooms the way you do. Also, this isn't just because of ignorance; the truth is that most people do not know or have not yet heard of the countless benefits of mushrooms‐ For example; do you know that there are certain species of mushrooms that can produce dyes?

Being a fungus, not all mushrooms are edible; furthermore, the different species of mushrooms that are edible also produce different effects in the human body after consumption. Nowadays mushrooms are utilized extensively by chefs all over the world when preparing cuisines or dishes. Mushrooms are also becoming a commodity of interest in most groceries as well as supermarkets and farmer's markets.

Poisonous and toxic varieties of mushrooms have been discussed in order to educate the reader on the dangers that they pose if eaten. Moreover, those with psychoactive properties have also been discussed. In view of the last statement, please note that some jurisdictions do not allow the cultivation of certain mushroom species, so if you are interested in growing a particular species, make sure that you verify with the local administration.

Lastly, this mushroom farming guide has been written to enlighten both the readers who just seek for information as well as those who actually want to practice mushroom farming. It has been written in a casual yet decent manner in order to keep the reader entertained as well as informed.

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