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In Less Than 24 Hours, Learn How to Play Scales Like a Complete Professional by Following These Seven Easy Exercises

Have you tried every possible tutorial that you could have found on the internet, but to no avail?

Have you tried hiring a professional tutor in order to learn how to play guitar, piano or ukulele scales?

There's no need to waste any more time, effort, or money - the "How to Play Scales: In 1 Day - The Only 7 Exercises You Need to Learn Guitar Scales, Piano Scales and Ukulele Scales Today" has it all!

It contains clear and easily understandable guidelines, tutorials and exercises to help you master playing the scales in the least amount of time possible. If utilized correctly, which is quite easy, you can learn how to play the scales in less than 24 hours! A completely worthwhile investment of your time and effort, since this book gives you all you need to know in order to quickly achieve your goal.

It's a well-known fact that scales are the building blocks of all music! That means that practically all of the music that you encounter during a day is made up of different scale variations, all combined perfectly to produce the melody and rhythm of the music that we're all so familiar with. Mastering to play the scales is, therefore, extremely important for anyone who sees themselves as going towards a music-oriented future, or just want to play and create music for fun or as a hobby. Either way, this book is the perfect starting point. With it's clear and logical structure, well-written and explained segments, and the very important examples and exercises, you can't go wrong with it!

What Makes This Book Different from Others in the Same Category?

If you tried searching the internet or your local library on literature and tutorials regarding learning how to play the scales, you probably encountered 30+ minute long videos, or books with 200 or more pages. Additionally, you can rarely find a book that covers such a wide range of different styles and variations, and also includes important examples and exercises. This book rises above its competition with exactly that - it's perfectly well-rounded and contains all the information that you need, but it also doesn't go too much in-depth, keeping it light, readable, and understandable.

Here's What You'll Learn:

How to easily understand the theory behind playing the scales
An easy exercise on how to play your first scale within chords
A crucial short course on how to get a feeling for the music that is necessary in order to play or compose it
How to improvise, explained on a perfect blues example
Three different learning modes - exotic, classical and metal
Learning how to play the jazz scales, widely regarded as the hardest style
Finally, you'll learn how to effectively put all of this information together and utilize it in the future

Stop throwing away your time, money and effort - learn how to master playing the scales in just one day with this great book!

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