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CHAPTER ONE: The History of Procrastination
CHAPTER TWO: The Psychological Origins of Procrastination
CHAPTER THREE: Procrastination and Morality
CHAPTER FOUR: How to Overcome Procrastination
CHAPTER FIVE: Coping With Boredom At Work
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Thank you for downloading the eBook titled, "How to Stop Procrastination." This particular guide has been drafted for the purpose of assisting those of you who find yourselves regularly postponing or rescheduling vital tasks; procrastination is something that almost everyone does so you are obviously not alone in this. That being said, there are certain individuals who actually tend to get unremittingly affected by the effects of procrastination to the point where the habit prevents them from accomplishing their prospective and ultimately cuts short their achievements.

This guide illustrates the most effective approaches through which individuals will be able to control this nagging tendency. Most of the times, one of the main obstacles that prevents us from attaining our objectives and goals in life is the lack of motivation; the lack of impetus to get started with whatever it is that we want to do. So many people would rather postpone appointment scheduling; people are also more willing to avoid doing a boring project that has an unpromising deadline. In a broad-spectrum view, procrastination truly has the potential to create major problems.

Humans’ inclination to procrastinate tasks may be a result of the historical misuse of the word 'someday;' largely because of the fact that 'someday' is not really a day that is present on any calendar. This guide will help those of you who are actually suffering from this habit to be able to learn how to create deadlines and turn their good plans into action, and eventually into reality.

There is always so much to learn about procrastination such as; historical facts about it, how it affects ones psychology and other miscellaneously related matters, such as mind tools, scientific strategies, tips, and precautions, different ways that one can overcome procrastination on different occasions and so much more. All these facts have been elaborated exceptionally in this book and therefore you are assured of gaining so much knowledge as well as skills that are illustrated in it. It has been made fun and interesting to read and it is the hope of the author that it will be able to answer all your questions as every chapter focuses on different aspects of procrastination, including several discussed perceptive as well as guidance.

Thanks again for downloading this book, I hope you enjoy it!

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