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I have been a Vegetarian since 1971.
I still am a Vegetarian.

I was a Vegan for 18 of those years.
And, as an Ex-Vegan I have learned how to defend myself against Vegans.

You can win an argument with a Vegan by asking them if the eat Organic-Food.

If they say “Yes”, as most of them do, you have got them.

Tell them that Organic-Food is fertilised with:

1: Blood and Bone;
2: Chicken-dung from Factory-Farms;
3: Macerated Day-Old Chickens;
4: Sprayed with Fish-Emulsion.

Then tell them that they are financially supporting every form of animal-agriculture, while claiming to be Vegans.


Vegans tell people not to produce commercial farm-animal products humanely, because if you do, fewer people will want to be Vegans.

Yet, Vegans themselves, produce farm-animal products, such as eggs and wool, humanely at their charity Farm-animal Sanctuaries.


Vegans promote vivisection, via T Colin Campbell, and "The China Study".


Ill-health, caused by Vegan diets – is a major reason why almost all Vegans become Ex-Vegans.
Or, cheat.

And, since most adult Vegans cannot maintain their own health on Vegan diets, no matter how many supplements they use, how can most Vegans raise healthy babies and children on Vegan diets?

Environment and Social-Justice [World Food Supply].

You can produce more food, from the same land, with fewer environmental inputs, from mixed animal-plant agriculture, than 100% plant agriculture.

Poultry free-ranging in orchards, turn grass, weeds, fallen-fruit and insects into eggs – while saving time, money, labour and fossil-fuel – on mowing, weeding, herbicides and insecticides.

Reducing costs, time, money and labour, is especially important for poor peasant farmers, to avoid debt, that could result in their losing their land.

Kochen, Wein und Gastronomie
17. Dezember
Greg Dinneen

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