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Jack’s story is told many times in many families across the U.S. Jack is a good kid with dreams and family. He is better off than most yet looks for something in well known and traveled places. Why does he look where others warn of disaster? What is it that pulls Jack and so many others to try the forbidden apple of drugs? No sane person wakes up healthy and well with an attraction to addiction. But like so many times before the laughing, smiling, waving of unconditional acceptance full of happy times and back-slapping friends calls Jack to travel along. Where does he go? How long does he stay? What does it cost him? Do others follow with the same sense of control? Jack’s journey reveals the very sober reality that no one makes choices that only effect themselves. Others pay enormous cost who never experience the euphoria. They are the other side of the story. They follow outside the cloud of addiction in the grinding agony of cold, sharp, unforgiving reality. They pick up the pieces and clean the mess left behind in every dip in the road. No one thinks of them. But they stay and take the punishment that pours out into their lives because of the only thing that really matters in a family and in the world. The idea that someone would take the pain and yearn for the return of those lost on that road even at the expense of sacrificing themselves to save them. Jack found two people who were willing to pay the ultimate price for his redemption. One was his mother and the other was Jesus. Jack found them both. Jack’s life changed because of the love that makes all things new. Join him and his mother in Jack’s story.

1. September
Xulon Press