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I Can Do This and So Much More is an interactive children's book filled with inspiration and messages of positivity to help foster and develop a positive and growth mindset in children.

The book is comprised of eight different topics. Each topic is briefly explained, and followed up by a short story which is based from the author's family. After each story,  there is a simple activity which can be completed with your child so they can apply the lesson to their own lives! 

Follow along with Sophie the Bear as she struggles to get the basketball into the hoop and learns how to develop a no-quit attitude. Watch Lenny the Lion as he learns about setting up his own YouTube show and how it will take consistency to get followers. Read about how Max the Butterfly gets his colors back when he learns to talk kindly about himself. Find out how Kiki the Elephant overcomes her struggles with learning to ride her bike without training wheels. 

These and many other stories in the book are illustrated in beautiful watercolors that feature whimsical characters and settings. These stories will teach children to develop an "I CAN DO THIS" attitude and to celebrate their mistakes along the way, which will put them on a path of success in their life! 

The topics in the book include:  
The importance of not giving upGoing after their dreamsMaking a difference in the worldTalking kindly to themselvesPersevering when they are frustratedAlways working to improveLearning from their mistakesBeing patient, because things take time 
Positive children go on to become positive adults. To help setup our children for the best future possible, these valuable life skills need to be taught at an early age. 

I Can Do This and So Much More is geared to children ages 5 - 11, and is perfect for young readers and for children in elementary school. The stories can be read independently, done with a parent or caregiver, or in a classroom setting.

7. September
Positive Kids Publishing