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Does it ever go away? No, it doesn’t… I’ll never get used to the bad words. I’ll never get used to the extreme meanness. What are they whispering? I’ll continue to pretend not to care.

But, boy, do I care…

Meet three-year-old Gabriella, adopted from Pakistan into a Dutch family when cross-cultural adoptions were unheard of. Short, brown-skinned, and with a lazy eye problem, Gabriella must learn how to survive in a strange new world where she is picked on for being different from her family and her school peers.

In this gripping part memoir and part self-help book for students, readers are invited to closely experience Gabriella’s stormy childhood, which will encourage empathy while also helping students see the uniqueness they are each blessed with.

A perfect book—not only for the student who is feeling hopeless or helpless due to bullying at school, but also for those children who have bullying tendencies. In a revelatory way, author and kindness activist Gabriella explains how both bullies and those being bullied are mirror images of each other and what children should do with this knowledge.

With clear language and featuring stories from our present generation of students on issues ranging from social media to standing up for yourself and others, this is the ultimate practical resource for…

--Teachers looking to proactively counter bullying in the classroom
--Parents hoping to empower their at-risk child
--And for anyone looking for a disarming, heart-breaking, and inspiring story

Gabriella’s latest book empowers students to find the courage to be themselves.

Over a third of all proceeds from I Can Find My Might go to Gabriella’s Foundation.

1. September
Gabriella van Rij

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