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A stubborn woman is hard to capture, but once you have, what do you do with her?

Storm Davis does not like being told what to do. Her new partner in the Phoenix Intelligence Agency seems to think he has the right. She can't seem to shake him like she has her previous partners. He infuriates her with his calm, unaffected boredom. When his control shatters, it is with unexpected results, and Storm isn't one to shy away from anything.

Killian Erutan is working through being brought back from the dead and now he's a firebird. He is still an Amazonian Warrior but being a firebird, he has more to handle. Add to that the aggravating partner he's saddled with and Killian has his hands full. Storm is flaky, a pain in the ass and used to having her own way. He will not stand for it. The warrior in him cannot trust such a person at his back. Yet she gets under his skin and one sizzling kiss later, he finds he aches for her with no idea why.

When they stumble upon the dangerous man they are seeking who can bring the collapse of the world, Storm surprises him with her actions. The danger of what they are facing and their rising passion make them come together.

Sometimes in life, you find the one who makes your immortal bloodline…come alive.

***This book is best read in order as part of the series.***

26. Oktober
Simply Sophisticated Publishing

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