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Since she was a teenager, Biyou has had a thing for bad boys, despite her sheltered and privileged upbringing. After a few failed relationships, she finds solace in the arms of the ultimate bad boy - Kinkaid Washington, one of Atlanta's biggest dope dealers. To Biyou, Kinkaid is more than just a drug dealer, though. He's loving, attentive, and supportive of her dreams. One thing she doesn't know is that he's also a cheater. Eventually she finds out and her perfect image of Kinkaid quickly diminishes.

Kinkaid runs the streets of Atlanta with his day ones Harim, and Jaseem. What started out as petty corner hustling turned into a lucrative drug empire. With money, power, and respect comes a plethora of beautiful women too. Unable to control his urges, Kinkaid dabbles a bit. One night of drinking and partying leads up to him sleeping with an ex; an ex that Biyou soon finds out about. Learning of Kinkaid's infidelities, Biyou catches feelings for someone she least expects.

Jaseem had always been viewed as the clown of the crew because of the hasty decisions he's made over time. Because of his impulsive ways, having children had never been in his plans. Unfortunately, life has other things planned for him and he has a baby on the way. Refusing to be a deadbeat father, Jaseem prepares for the arrival of his child by purchasing a home and having it decorated through Biyou's interior design company, LUXE, which, ultimately creates a chemistry that neither of them saw coming.

To those on the outside looking in, Inaya Lewis has the perfect life. She’s written songs for some of the dopest artists in the game, and she’s married to a handsome businessman with the riches of a mogul and the swagger of a dope boy. However, no one knows how good Inaya is at pretending. She wants to be the one singing the hits she writes, and her heart melts at the sight of babies. Yet and still she’s reminded that her husband wants them to wait before starting a family. All the things Inaya want most, get the same response from her husband Hiram. No. Wait. Inaya loves her husband with everything in her, but as more time passes, she’s no longer willing to stall her dreams to make him happy.

Jaxyn Wright has only been in two relationships in her entire life, both with women. She’s found men cute, but she’s never been sexually attracted to them. A nasty break up with her ex leaves her homeless, and she moves in with a friend. Jaxyn is going through a lot that she doesn’t understand, and one of those things just happens to be that out of the blue, she develops a strong desire for a man. She’s never been with a man, never wanted to be with a man, and now she suddenly “needs” a man like she needs the air she breathes. No matter how hard it is, Jaxyn has to walk away because if she gives in to her desires, lives will be ruined, and nothing will ever be the same

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16. Oktober
Sullivan Group Publishing, LLC

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