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I expect that this book will explain your rough life when you are in this situation – adultery. You will understand when you should give up for them or when you give up the relationship. And to different ways, this book shows you suitable advices. Hopefully, you can make decision for your life.

If at the end of the day things don't work out sometimes it's for the better, moving on is tough but staying with someone that makes you unhappy isn't being true to either partner. A post affair relationship is about starting new and learning to trust and love each other again – essentially you're beginning a new relationship entirely.  If you can't commit to it then you're just wasting time, no matter how good your intentions are.

Trust is often called a two-way street, and the same is said when it comes to trusting after an affair. It's important for both victim and cheater to trust themselves before trying to trust each other so that it can grow again. Simply remembering that you used to trust can go a long way in trusting again, that will go a long way when you feel like you might never get there.

Communicating after the affair is what will make or break the relationship. Honesty is key but without being able to clearly and calmly explain where things went wrong it can just spiral into a dirty fight where the cheater is always going to be in the wrong.

You'll need to have four things for this to be a successful process: courage, faith, practice, and patience; and those will come on both sides. Trust is a choice and relearning it is making that choice again and the only thing blocking the process is your own fear. With courage you can overcome fear and learn to trust again. You can also have faith that it will happen and whenever you start doubting the process or your partner faith will help you through. Patience is what helps when anxiety threatens, even if it seems trying at times a little patience will help you through the other side. You'll need practice because you have to make yourself more back into trusting as an automatic action again, something that probably feels rather foreign right now.

Learning to trust again isn't easy, it's a process like putting one foot in front of the other. Being with a partner who is learning to trust again takes patience and there's never a "sign" that they trust you again, it just gradually happens over time. There's a certain amount of risk involved in trusting again but being without trust is going to cause you to miss out on opportunities and not really live.

Thank you for downloading this book. Good luck! Be strong!!!

27. Juli
Thang Nguyen

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