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In these three steamy short stories, hapless and inexperienced young women fall head over heels for much older men who are more than willing to show them the ropes. Literally.

In Everything You Want, eighteen-year-old Kira is mistaken for an escort by a suave gentleman in an expensive sports car and decides to just run with it. She doesn't expect the tryst to be observed, or to enjoy it so much. She certainly doesn't expect the generous allowances he's giving her, or for him to start taking such good care of her. But it's really, really nice.

In Watch Me, Mia stumbles upon a website that offers her money in exchange for giving viewers a show. Except she has no idea what she's getting into, where to draw the line, and most importantly, how to stop. Things spiral out of control when someone finds out her real identity. Just how far is she willing to go to keep her secret life secret?

In Ruin Me, Emma is charmed by two older men who takes her home and introduces her to the world of lust, humiliation, and pleasure. Her size-kink is explored and encouraged, as if her newfound interest in bondage and submission to strangers in public places. There is very little she will say no to once she discovers all the pleasures waiting for her.

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19. August
Daisy Rose

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