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Irresistible Rakes Collection Part 1: 4 Historical Steamy Romance Short Stories

Total word count 21,771.

Please note that each of these short stories can all be bought as a standalone single story.

The Duke’s Mistress

Caroline is furious with David, the Duke of Sunderland, when she finds out that he has completely ruined her plans to elope with his younger brother.

The worst is yet to come, as she realizes that the Duke means to have her for himself now that his brother is out of the way. He offers her a deal: if she becomes his mistress, he will make sure all of her needs are cared for and that she wants for nothing!

Caroline unwillingly accepts his offer, knowing that she has no other option for her survival. But she cannot help but hate herself for lying with the Duke, especially when she finds that she is unable to control her wanton reaction to his mere touch!

The Earl and the Gamekeeper’s Daughter

Alexander, the Earl of Southwark is besotted as soon as he lays his eyes upon Sian, the gamekeeper’s daughter. 

He knows he will not be able to rest until he makes her his! A conviction that grows even stronger when the gamekeeper offers Sian to him.

But when Sian finds out about the agreement between Alexander and her father, she is left in a turmoil of emotions. She doesn’t want to be owned by anyone, and yet she finds herself powerfully drawn to the Earl!

                                                             Pursued by a Rake

Christina is a widow looking to understand for the first time in her life what it means to lay with a man and give herself up completely to feelings of passion and desire. When she is introduced to Daniel, the Earl of the Brentwood, she believes she has found just the gentleman to help her achieve her aim!

Daniel is very aware of his reputation as a notorious rake, but he makes no excuses for his behaviour. He is determined to take and give pleasure where he will without forming any strong attachments to another, and he expects all the lovers that he takes to understand these rules. 

When he is introduced to Christina, it is not long before he is embarking on a passionate affair with the beautiful widow. But this time around, all is different for him. He cannot get Christina out of his head. When she finally walks away from him, he finds to his surprise that for the first time in his life, he is the one at a loss. He soon looks for a way to win Christina over once more—this time for good!

Pursued by the Marquess

Lydia finds herself in a desperate situation with her family. She needs to act quickly, or they will be homeless.

 There is only one person whom she knows she can turn to: the Marquess of Brubeck. But Lydia is fully aware that the Marquess’ help will come at a price. He has made no pretence of his pursuit of her and his determination to possess her in every way possible!

This leaves Lydia with the choice of whether or not to submit to the Marquess and all the emotions and pleasures that he invokes within her!

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