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An important book for readers of all ages, Irvine Press brings quality biographies for kids through engagingly written volumes of true-to-life stories of important figures in history.

Our message is simple: Dream Big, We'll Show You How.

Among these biographies, readers will find exceptional and notable men and women across varying disciplines to instill a sense of purpose and goal oriented living from an early age. Discover how each life was shaped and transformed through passion, determination, grit.

Discover Inside This Book:

● The life and work of Ernest Hemingway

● Difficulties and struggles growing up and as an adult

● Focus on the influence and societal impact

● Vivid illustrations

● Bonus trivia questions for fun activity

In addition to the life and work of Ernest Hemingway , a special section at the back of the book includes extras of multiple-choice quiz questions and discussion prompts. Learning about historical figures has never been so fascinating!

Biografien und Memoiren
13. April

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