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Kalakuta Diaries is a personal Narrative of events and characters that propelled and defined an African Social-political setting in the heart of Lagos Nigeria.

Kalakuta was a creation of an Iconic rare-breed par excellence, whose enduring legacies has left an indelible Footprint in the sands of Africa and the Worlds political times and consciousness.

This narrative apart from the well known battles against the establishment, is also an attempt to emphasise the roles played by the different characters that shaped the actions and policies of a Die-hard Pan-Africanist, who had an uncanny ability to read and predict exactly, outcomes of diverse political and economic actions of the ruling Elite years ahead of most of his fellow countrymen.

He dared the high and the mighty, the military governments and their western collaborators. He sang his way through the hearts of European and American cities using his music as a weapon in the demand for fairness, equity and love and the unity not only for the Black in his home country Nigeria, but the whole of Africa.
That he had like every other human being, his shortcomings or weakness especially with the opposite sex is normal and also depicted in this narrative. Suffice to say his dreams, wishes and aspirations for the African continent and blacks all over the Diaspora.

Interestingly as the reader would find out, the more potent enemies he had were within his own rank and file. From kids who carried grudges on behalf of their mother, through women who desperately wanted to have kids from him, staffs who secretly aided drug dealers knowing full well that he abhorred the use of such, up to relatives, staffs and friends who betrayed his trust. The intention of the writer having being schooled by the great one himself on issues of truthfulness, sincerity fearlessness and political foresight is to depict Kalakuta as it really was, without comas, bias, hard feelings or colouration.

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