Kasper and Kai 3 Kasper and Kai 3
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Kasper and Kai 3

Broken Realities

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Kai refuses to fold after Kasper broke her heart. Instead, she does her best to move forward, all while putting on a brave front when she’s really hurting inside. With a brand new baby and one thing after the other coming her way, she tries her best to keep her head up high while holding things down. But what will be her breaking point? Will she be able to stand the obstacles that are hurling her way? Or will she cave under the pressure of it all?

With a federal case hanging over his head and a wife who is determined to bring him down, Kasper feels that his back is against the wall. Angry with himself for not seeing Tyra for who she really is, Kasper vows that vengeance will be his, and he will stop at nothing to see her suffer. Now that things have come to light, he’s ready to move forward with Kai, but is it too little too late? Will Kai be able to forgive Kasper for the pain that she endured when he married Tyra? Or will she move on with her life and put their relationship behind them?

Mario is pissed that his past has come back to haunt him in the worst way, but he refuses to break. With a baby on the way and the love of his life standing behind him, he’ll stop at nothing to protect them both at all cost. But will Neek really ride for him the way he thinks she will or will this all be too much to handle for her?

Neek is scared to think of what the outcome may be for Mario, but she’s determined to hold her man down because she loves him that much. Can their relationship stand the test of time? Or will the enemy come out victorious in tearing them apart?

Almost dying at the hands of a scorned lover, Khasidy now knows the true meaning of life is short and is ready to come clean to her family about her dishonesty. Will they look past everything and accept her? Or is the dishonesty too much for them to handle?

Lies, deceit, love, laughter, new relationships and a whole lot of drama fill the pages of this sizzling finale. All your questions will be answered and then some.

Belletristik und Literatur
3. Februar
Sullivan Productions, LLC

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