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With small steps and our carefully crafted questions, every pupil will achieve greater progress.

Designed to be used flexibly, this second edition textbook has been updated to include more Mastery-style questions and whole-class activities. Whether you follow a full Mastery scheme, choose to use Mastery aspects or you're just looking for quality resources, our three textbooks support the way you want to teach.

Each book gradually builds on prior knowledge, developing pupils' confidence, fluency, reasoning and problem-solving skills.

· Secure understanding with differentiated questions and worked examples that build on prior knowledge, following the 'do it, secure it, deepen it' Mastery structure
· Recap skills and topics from Key Stage 2, ensuring a smooth transition to Key Stage 3
· Target key skills using the fluency, reasoning and problem-solving markers in the margin
· Build confidence with starter activities and warm-up questions to introduce each concept
· Develop reasoning skills using non-examples, where pupils identify mistakes in sample answers
· Track progress through review questions, building key skills and knowledge
· Benefit from the expertise of UK Mastery trained subject specialists with over 30 years of teaching experience
· Cover the full UK National Curriculum and all four strands - number, algebra, geometry and measures, statistics and probability - within our three restructured textbooks for Key Stage 3

Our flexible, Mastery-led approach
Our flexible approach allows you to teach maths your way. You can choose to focus on building understanding using the graduated questions or take a Mastery approach to exposition using manipulatives and 'concrete, pictorial, abstract' in the optional class activities.

Answers will be provided online.

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