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'"Live life to the fullest" said my father right before he died.  So I tried. Wild parties, wild and fast women, and fast cars.' I flew all over the world, and all the women I met were wild and fast: they would do anything for any man given enough money and expensive presents.  If you failed to feed the greed, away they ran to some other drunken man, just as wasted as she, to do it all over again. I decided I had paid my father enough respect, because I was losing my respect for me.  I retreated to my mountain Kingdom: tired of the world; tired of women; knowing no on existed for me. My supercars remained; but passion belonged to my painting. Still, I was empty; until Marianne, whose artistry with words astounds me. Is she the ONE sent to fill my empty soul and love me for me?


I have come to this quiet Kingdom in the Alps on a singular mission: get enough information about the bad boy King gone recluse Dominic Redfield to write an exclusive article on "WHO HE IS NOW".  I suppose it is some sort of exposé – who knows, I'm only doing what I'm being told to do. My name is one the best book ever written, says Melanie, my friend in France. But if a writer can never get published, great doesn't mean anything to anyone. So, a writer gets a job as a journalist, and that is that.  Of course, the occasional trip to France to nothing to sneeze at, and when I meet Dominic – does dream come true mean anything to you? Not just his looks – his heart and his soul. But will he still love me when he finds out the secret, the lie?

14. Januar
Kylie Parker Romance

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