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Kiss Me! is a book written in defence of children. In response to the many so-called expert theories that advocate the use of obsessive routines and excessive discipline, Dr. Carlos González – renowned paediatrician and author of My Child Won’t Eat! – advocates raising children based on love, respect and freedom.

González believes that children are good, selfless, generous, honest, sociable and understanding and deserve all the love we can give them. A bestseller in Spain, now published for the first time in English, Kiss me! How to raise your children with love offers a guide to ethical parenting.

Chapters include:

Why children are the way they are
Your child is a good person
A few myths regarding sleep
Rewards and punishment
Quality time

28. Februar
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Emankh ,

Worth reading

This is on the most part not another how-to manual and although I'm not sure things can always work out that simply, I don't think the point of the book is how to raise ur kids for optimum/ desirable results but simply discusses how children are intrinsically good and should be treated with the same respect any human being deserves and not be molded and bent into shape by any means to our convenience. It's s bit utopian but I would still recommend it as it gives you a few things to think about and decide for yourself with what morals you want to bring ur children up with. I personally decided I will care more about enjoying motherhood while letting my son enjoy his childhood without worrying too much about the million theories out there. Because in the end, they're theories and life is too short and childhood is even shorter

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