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Kitty Catty’s Adventures in France is the first book in an upcoming series to take your child where no child may have gone before! Travel the world with Kitty Catty and his friend Binnie, who just happens to be a magical garbage can! Well, let’s just introduce you now: Hello, my name is Kitty Catty and I can’t wait for your child to discover the amazing world of France! Travel with me on a journey that combines education and fun into an exploration of learning. The world is a big place and this book takes your child inside for a peek at fantastic places like the Eiffel Tower and The Louvre. Learn about finding friends away from home, like Pierre Le Pooch who becomes our guide into the catacombs. This story embraces the charm France has to offer your child from a child-like perspective. Kitty Catty’s Adventures in France leads them on a tour of different cities like; Paris, Nice, Marseille and Cannes with a perspective that brings your child’s heart to France and back home again. A tale of expression that offers Kitty Catty quotes as a guide to understanding and heartfelt warmth. I’m a kitten that loves to share my adventures, just like my friend Captain Fletcher, although he just happens to be a human. Come travel with me to France and learn about the wondrous world inside one country that has hidden riches of historical knowledge that has left for us a vast beautiful adventure! Kitty Catty’s Adventures in France is leaving now-all aboard the Binnie express! Close your eyes and say the magic words; abra...cat...abra explore this book and riches you find-a learning experience that will blow your mind and lessons to teach you to be kind!

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