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Olivia has made a big mistake, forgetting her mother's birthday until literally the day itself. But then her biggest mistake is yet to be made as she goes on a very sudden last second gift seeking quest to a local plant nursery.

Having been so caught up in her own world of friends and fashion, she didn't even change out of the fashionably fit nice white dress she was in the midst of modeling for a designer friend of hers. So now Olivia is frantically wandering the rows of flowering plants, trying to find inspiration for something perfect which won't seem like a final second gift for her mother

Having always been into gardening and plants, Olivia's mother is sure to like something from this place, but unlike her mom, Olivia is clueless about what is a good plant to buy, particularly on the budget she has.

Just about giving up, a friendly old woman who works for the nursery offers to help her, and when she tells the woman that her mom's stupid neighbors hired workmen to install a pool in their backyard, inadvertently destroying some very old rose bushes, the woman has just the thought.

Knock out roses, she calls them, though Olivia is blank on just what knock out roses are. As the woman explains, they are very easy to grow, and unlike regular roses, they bloom constantly throughout the growing season.

Knowing her mother will be away from home all afternoon, Olivia has the solution, find a knock out rose bush, maybe more than one, get over there and have them set up to plant in the place those workmen messed up. She can play it off as an intentional surprise, and that way her mother never knows she actually forgot about the big day.

Searching through all the colorful knock out roses, Olivia finds the price a bit alarming, but shoving some aside, moving several, she does manage to find a couple that are marked unusually cheap and that way she can get two instead of just one little plant.

It isn't until she is paying that the old woman notices a problem, though nothing worth worrying about she assures Olivia. For whatever reason the tags on the plants are mislabeled, reading Knock Up Roses, instead of Knock Out Roses.

It's a silly mistake really, but as Olivia says, it's not like she'll keep the labels on anyway since she wants to remove the price before her mother gets home.

When Olivia is setting out the plants, she's already wishing she'd changed out of the tight fitting white dress, those stupid neighbor workers making wolf whistles and generally being creeps behind her back. But when she breathes in the intense aroma of those roses, her thoughts begin to drift, and when she accidentally pricks her finger trying to remove the mislabeled tags... everything about her focus changes.

Will Olivia give those perverted workmen a piece of her mind... or something much better? Were these plants really mislabeled... and if not, who possibly could have labeled them that way? Find out in the twisted tale that reminds readers to watch out for little pricks, because they might just knock you up.

Readers Choice Month continues by promising to go green... with all the Kreme you can handle.

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4. Juni
Kris Kreme

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