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Whether searching for extra-terrestrial life, managing the effects of space weather or learning about dark matter, the study astrophysics has profound implications for us all. NASA scientist and astronomer Sten Odenwald explains the key concepts of this vast topic, bringing clarity to some of the great mysteries of space.

These include: 

• The theory of relativity 

• Cosmic background radiation

• The evolution of stars

• The formation of the solar system 

• The nature of exoplanets

• Space weather systems

Filled with helpful diagrams and simple summaries, Knowledge in a Nutshell: Astrophysics is perfect for the non-expert, taking the complexities of space science and making them tangible.

ABOUT THE SERIES: The 'Knowledge in a Nutshell' series by Arcturus Publishing provides engaging introductions to many fields of knowledge, including philosophy, psychology and physics, and the ways in which human kind has sought to make sense of our world.

Sten Odenwald is the Director of the STEM Resource Development project at NASA, a long-time astronomer and he is passionate about promoting science education. Over the course of his career, he has taught at Harvard University and the Smithsonian Institution, he has appeared on TV for National Geographic and has written numerous articles for magazines ranging from Astronomy magazine to Scientific American. He also runs the blog 'The Astronomy Café', where he seeks to bring cosmology and astronomy to a wider audience.

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8. November
Arcturus Publishing

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