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The essential guide to the Volca FM, created by the world’s leading Volca expert Tony Horgan. Across 170 pages, this interactive guide explains everything about the Volca FM, with easy-to-follow text, illustrations, photography and audio examples. Make rapid progress with the quick-start guides, then look deeper into the amazing Volca FM. Every control is covered in detail, FM synthesis is demystified, and all the parameters and algorithms are fully discussed and illustrated. Jump between sections using hyperlinks and take it at your own pace. From the author of the universally 5-star rated Korg Volca Beats - The Expert Guide, this is the perfect companion for all Volca FM users.

The full chapter list:

1. About this book

- Hello

- Get in touch

2. Quick-start guides

- How to select a sound

- How to edit a sound

- How to rename a sound

- How to save a sound

- How to select and play a pattern

- How to record a pattern

- How to save a pattern

- How to record a motion sequence

- How to chain patterns

- How to import Yamaha DX7 sounds

- How to clone sounds and patterns

3. What is FM synthesis?

- FM synthesis theory

4. Slider controls

- Transpose slider

- Velocity / Value slider

5. Program edit knobs

- Modulator & Carrier knobs (+ envelopes)

- LFO rate, LFO Pitch Depth

- Program / Param knob

- Algorithm knob

6. Program edit buttons

- Octave / Operator buttons

- Save / Export button

- Edit button

7. The arpeggiator

- About the arpeggiator

- Arp type knob

- Arp type chart

- Arp Div knob

- Arp Division chart

8. Tempo and volume

- Tempo knob

- Volume knob

9. Play, Record, memory & Func buttons

- Play / Active step button

- Record / Erase button

- Memory / Write button

- Func button

10. Keyboard functions

- Understanding the keyboard and LEDs

- Voice mode: Poly, Mono, Unison

- Chorus

- Arp On / Off key

- Tempo division

- Metronome

- Warp Active Step

- Transpose note

- Motion sequence keys

- Clear Active Step

- Clear All

11. Power

- Mains and battery power

- Auto Power Off

12. MIDI In

- MIDI: an overview

- MIDI cables

- Selecting the MIDI channel

- MIDI Control Change messages

- MIDI Control Change numbers

13. Sync In / Sync Out

- What is Sync?

- Changing Sync steps

- Changing Sync polarity

14. Headphone socket and speaker

- Audio connection and speaker

15. Parameters in brief

- Parameter list

- What are parameters?

- How to select and edit parameters

16. Parameters in detail

- Every parameter explained in detail

17. Algorithms

- Algorithms list

- Algorithms explained

- Full-page diagrams of every algorithm 

18. System update

- How to update the firmware

19. Global parameters

- All global parameters explained

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21. Juli
Tony Horgan


snurps ,

A must for every Volca Fm owner!

Korg Volca FM - The Expert Guide is a very comprehensive, yet easy to follow book about all features of the Volca FM synth. Beginners can start right away with the quick start guide, while more advanced users find all parameters explained in detail. I can highly recommend buying this book. It's the manual, Korg should've written and more.

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