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This Quick Start Guide will show you how to utilise the power of laughter and humor for rapid stress relief

All of us have occasional emotional upsets. Fortunately, most of us have hobbies or other recreations that give us relaxation and divert our minds from the things that cause us to be worried or tense. 

Some people, however, are more or less constantly bothered by stress, anxiety, depression, vague fears, panic attacks and other disturbing feelings. They don't face their general anxiety problems – big or little – openly and realistically. 

Stress is caused by persistent, unresolved emotional conflicts that keep many of us from being as happy and as healthy as we should be. That's because mind and body are inseparably linked. Whatever affects one affects the other. 

Unless we learn effective stress relief methods, stress will bear down on our spirits, drain away energy, and may cause many physical symptoms or bodily disorders. These include heart palpitations, digestive upsets, joint and muscular pains and chronic fatigue. In addition, high blood pressure, ulcers, and some allergies are often of emotional origin. 

In fact, a large percentage of the people who go to doctors have ailments brought on or made worse by prolonged or severe emotional turmoil. So, doctors are more alert than ever before to the role of stress in all illnesses. 

Should you ever become overburdened by emotional troubles, remember it's not wise – it's definitely unhealthy – to keep them “bottled up.” 

One of the best methods for stress relief is to simply laugh more. As the benefits of humour and laughter are proven by science it is becoming increasingly popular to maintain health and well-being with this approach. 

The miracle of humour is that you can laugh at ANYTHING! As soon as you are laughing about something, you have made a beneficial shift in perspective. The simple fact is there are many benefits of laughing at your problems and even abstract laughter just for the sake of it has many health benefits, including stress relief. 

It's true, "laughter really is the best medicine!" 

What you will discover in this guide are effective stress relief techniques. It's about changing the structure of your thought patterns quickly and easily in a way that let's you relieve stress, lighten up and feel more resourceful using the gift of laughter and humor.

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17. März
Colin Smith

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