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Want to learn and start speaking British English? Learn British English – Word Power 101 is the perfect e-book to get you reading, speaking and understanding British English. Great for Beginners as a first step to learning British English.

- Learn with 12 Chapters of British English Lessons

- Includes Bonus Access to the EnglishClass101 Learning Program

- Includes Bonus Access to our British English Learning App: Innovative Language 101

You learn the top 101 must-know, most-used British English words and phrases in 12 chapters. Each chapter covers basic categories like “Basic Expressions” “Questions” “Adjectives” and “Numbers.” You learn the word or phrase first. Then you learn how to use it in a sentence so you gain a better understanding. You also master pronunciation with native audio examples.

With Learn British English – Word Power 101, you get:

- 101 most-used British English Words and Phrases

- Over 160 Pages of Lessons

- Native British English Audio Examples for Every Entry

- Useful Example Sentences and Phrases

- Vibrant Images to Help with Memorization

Download Learn British English – Word Power 101 right now and start learning British English. You will learn and master 101 of the British English words and phrases that every beginner must know!

25. Juli
Innovative Language Learning, LLC


skippy muzik ,

Ganz okay

Sehr gutes e-Book leider nur ein paar Vokabeln.Für die die jetzt in die 5. Klasse kommen optimal aber ich komme jetzt in die 6. und 95% der Vokabeln die da drin stehen haben wir schon gemacht aber wir werden in der 6. Klasse bestimmt noch ein paar wiederholen daher 4 Sterne.

Keyboard_learner ,

learn British English

sehr informativ, gute Vorbereitung auf den Urlaub,
enthält viele übertragbare Beispiele um eigenständig weiter zu lernen

Kkypiu ,

Ignorant Americans

The authors seem to be of the opinion that English as spoken/written in England (i.e. ENGLISH) and the rest of Britain (not to mention much of the rest of the world) has to be described as British English whereas that version of English spoken in the U.S. is the real English and can be described simple as English. Don't these people realise that English is the language of the English people and the U.S. merely inherited it?

For the record
English = English as spoken by the English people
U.S. English = that version of English spoken in the U.S.

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