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The third eBook of the Learn to Love Yourself series is about showing you how daily habits can help us transform into happier and healthier versions of ourselves. We always hear that “happiness is a decision”, but what does that really mean?  One decision lies in how much effort we’re willing to put in to achieve it. It’s like any other skill in life, we can work at it.


We’ll be going over three principle practices to produce a harmonious happy life. As with all my eBooks, these outline more than just one method. Please don’t try to do everything at once! Just be authentic about what inspires you and what doesn’t and start there. 

We will also be exploring our “Dark Sides.” This is the side of us that tries to hold us back anytime we make progress. In fact, we’ll to start looking at falling in love with our “Dark Sides” by using the understanding we’ve created from the past eBooks. This will help you deal with those moments where you feel you're self-sabotaging. 

By purchasing this book, you are demonstrating that belief in yourself. That commitment and dedication to pursue happiness. Don't let it pass you by for another day. Take charge of your own happiness. 

Gesundheit, Körper und Geist
1. April
Alume Health

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