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in 2112, the chaos plague almost wiped out humanity until the red cross ship meridian found a cure, but unknown assailants attacked and destroyed the ship before the cure could be distributed.
thirty years, criminal fixer ambrose has found a clue to the meridian in the wreck of a nearby ship, the darius. whoever finds the meridian controls the cure, whoever controls the cure can name their price.
ambrose invites three male captains to a meeting: disgraced naval officer rigel tyrian, aging former cop turned bounty hunter lazlo, and an ex-soldier turned scavenger known as rabbit. at the last minute, tyrian is replaced by serena, a captain without a ship.
for rabbit, the cure represents a path to redemption for a crime he committed years before. for lazlo, the prestige and status are everything to become the greatest bounty hunter in the colonies. for serena, the search is a chance to find her beloved older brother tobias, a bridge officer on the missing ship meridian, the only family she ever loved. against the captains is a shadow conspiracy called the hub- who hire sibling assassins sharon and robert caudell to hunt the three captains and their crews.
from the back streets in Marseilles to a meeting of captains, serena steals a ship from her ex-husband and escapes to the colonies in pursuit of the darius with rabbit and lazlo in pursuit.
three ships, three captains, one prize: the race is on.
sharon caudell hires displaced competitor rigel tyrian to hunt and kill the three captains. surviving ambushes and desperate escapes, betrayals and the loss of loved ones, alliances with friends and enemies, the three crews reach the end of the chase, find the wreck of the darius, and the link to the meridian. The climactic four-sided battle begins as betrayals and loyalties change the balance of victory.
the story ends with serena one step ahead of her rivals, but the story far from over.
three captains, three ships, one prize- the race is still on.

Science-Fiction und Fantasy
31. Dezember
Jacob Larch

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