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In recent years at home and abroad there have been arbitrary attacks on liberty, with the state interfering with age-old freedoms such as privacy, freedom of expression and justice. As the modern Western world was built on the principles of freedom, democracy and the rule of law, it is time to resurrect the most important idea of all: that of liberty itself.

The Libertarian’s Handbook is a comprehensive work exploring the ideas of libertarianism. It details the evolution of the ideas of liberty, explains why the politics of the small state are essential for both freedom and prosperity, demonstrates the welfare principles to break poverty and provides a novel law enforcement model which shows how we can have our security without sacrificing our liberties.

This work, in homage to Friedrich von Hayek, also critically appraises the real effects of socialism using a case study based on thirteen years of Labour rule. It challenges the socialists’ claim that socialism brings a more equal society and aids the poor, and asks if socialism is simply the road to serfdom.

The Libertarian's Handbook offers an examination of the Leveson inquiry and makes a passionate and reasoned argument for the defence of the free press, explaining why a free press is essential for a free society.

The book concludes by detailing a new constitutional model. One that would be able to protect society from arbitrary rule and from absolute rule absolutely.

As part of a special offer, the first ever issue of the libertarian-conservative magazine the Prometheus Post is also included free with this book.

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10. März
Richard Pinder

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