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You can't back in time to change your decision. The guide for Life is Strange: Before the Storm describes all episodes. Detailed walkthrough and lists of all important choices with consequences will help You in your journey. We didn't forget about all key decisions and consequences.
The guide will be updated with the releases of new episodes.
The guide for Life is Strange: Before the Storm contains descriptions of all available episodes. In each of them you can find detailed walkthroughs and lists of all important choices that will have consequences in later parts of the game - a more detailed description of events can be found in a separate chapter. Every decision you make influences the game's world and its characters. The list of all key decisions and their consequences can be also found in a separate chapter. This guide also tackles the collection aspect of Life is Strange: Before the Storm - we can place special graffiti in the game. Their exact locations are presented with detailed descriptions and pictures.
Before the Storm is the prequel to the original game. This time, the game was developed by Deck Nine studio and not by DONTNOD Entertainment, the team responsible for the first game. The plot focuses on Chloe Price's life (players met her in the first game) and her relationship with Rachel Amber. The story takes place 3 years before the events presented in the original. During the game we can visit old locations and talk with new characters as well as with those that we already know. Unlike the heroine of the first game, Chloe doesn't have supernatural powers and can't manipulate time. Because of that we can't go back on our decisions.

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