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What do I do now? Why am I still so tired? Am I really cured? How do I reduce my risk of recurrence? Is it safe for me to get pregnant? How do I get rid of the hot flashes so I can sleep?  

This fully revised and updated second edition contains crucial information about these issues and more—including the revolutionary medical advances in follow-up testing, ongoing treatments, and recovery. With answers for everything from how to deal with hair loss and weight gain to finding online support groups and understanding healthy foods and supplements, Living Well Beyond Breast Cancer contains a greater depth and breadth of information in its enhanced chapters—plus all-new chapters that cover current treatment options and preventative tips for those at high risk for developing breast cancer.

Enhanced Chapters:
• Tests: Peer, Poke, and Prod
• After Mastectomy: Re-creating a Breast with or Without Surgery
• Intimacy, Sex, and Your Love Life: Relieving Discomfort and Increasing Libido
• A Child in Your Future: Fertility, Pregnancy, and Adoption
• Reducing Your Risk: Living Well

All-New Information:
• Pre-Survivors: Risks and Prevention
• Thinking and Remembering: Clearing the Fog and Sharpening Your Mind
• Bone Health: Weakness Explained and Strengthening Exercises
• Sleep: Restoration and Renewal
With this book as your guide, you’ll have the tools not just to live beyond breast cancer, but to live well and well beyond this challenge in your life!

Gesundheit, Körper und Geist
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