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“Lucky & Luna meet Joan of Arc” is the third book in this series about a little dog and cat’s travels through history in a time machine. In this episode our two heroes land in France in the year 1429. They soon get to know a young peasant girl and her pet goose Zelda. Zelda tells them that this young girl is really very special: she is Joan of Arc, whom God has chosen to liberate France from the English. Lucky & Luna decide to help the two of them fight their way through enemy territory to the French king. But will they be able, against all the odds, to help Joan to victory?

This story has been written in age-appropriate rhyme and professionally recorded. The beautiful illustrations bring medieval France back to life.

Additionally to the story, which tells children everything there is to know about the late Middle Ages you will also find a wealth of supplementary information that can be called up. Just by clicking on the information button attached to an object (such as castles & churches), a person (like Joan of Arc), an animal (like a horse) or Professor Cleverclogs himself important historical background information will be displayed. This information can either be read by the children or read out to them. In this way children are given historical knowledge appropriate to their age in a playful and entertaining way.


• Interactive storybook for older preschool and primary school children 

• Innovative & exciting infotainment in which historical facts are taught in fictional adventures 

• Choice between different modes: „read yourself“, „“read to you“ and „auto-play“

• Comprehensive additional historical information can be either read yourself or read aloud

• Twenty-seven-page story in age-appropriate rhyme, professionally voice recorded and lovingly illustrated.

• Easy & intuitive user interface

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5. Februar
Aglaia Kageneck

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