Macho Man Murder Macho Man Murder
no. 15 – Merry Wrath Mysteries

Macho Man Murder

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From USA Today bestselling author Leslie Langtry comes the latest hilarious Merry Wrath Mystery, where Merry's past with the CIA comes back to haunt her in a very lively way in small town Iowa!

Just when you thought it was safe to come out of the water…

Who expects to come home and find an angry Chechen strong man in their front yard? That’s what former CIA turned suburbanite Merry Wrath discovers when she comes home from a disastrous pool party with her Girl Scout troop. Only this is Iowa, not Chechnya, and Aslan is anything but friendly, having realized Merry doubled crossed him in her former CIA life.

As revenge for the humiliation, Aslan has an ultimatum for Merry: kill her former handler, Riley Andrews, or Aslan’s goons, Ron and Ivan, will kill Merry’s husband, Rex.

Be careful what you wish for…

When Merry’s assassin colleague Hilly (who isn’t an assassin because the CIA doesn’t have assassins – that would be illegal) shows up to help, Merry dares to hope the two of them can find a solution to avoid killing Riley and protect Rex. But before they can come up with a plan, Merry is faced with a dead body, and Hilly tells police she saw Ron and Ivan dumping it. Unfortunately, Merry know that's not true as she was with the dim-witted rogues when the murder happened.

It’s a not-so-classic cozy conundrum…

Now Merry is trapped in a diabolical dilemma. With Hilly and Riley now suspects in the murder, she could say nothing and watch Ron and Ivan take the fall. Or does she do the right thing, and help Ron and Ivan implicate her friends in the process? Merry has to solve this one on her own as she walks a fine line between doing the right thing for the wrong people, or the wrong thing for the right people.

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What critics are saying about Leslie Langtry's books:

"I laughed so hard I cried on multiple occasions! Girl Scouts, the CIA, and the Yakuza... what could possibly go wrong?"
~ Fresh Fiction

"Darkly funny and wildly over the top, this mystery answers the burning question, 'Do assassin skills and Girl Scout merit badges mix…?'"
~ RT BOOKreviews

"Mixing a deadly sense of humor and plenty of sexy sizzle, Leslie Langtry creates a brilliantly original, laughter-rich mix of contemporary romance and suspense."
~ Chicago Tribune

"Langtry gets the fun started from page one."
~ Publisher's Weekly

Krimis und Thriller
7. Juli
Gemma Halliday Publishing

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