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Millions of people around the world are interested in controlling their homes with a smartphone or tablet device over the Internet, but don't know where to start

However, with the entry of a large number of players including Google! the smart home market is witnessing a piling of too many solutions available to end consumers, which is causing confusion for consumers.

Gerard explains that his new book “De-mystifies Smart Homes by using easy-to-understand language that walks you through the process of setting up your own next generation smart Home automation system.” 

This book is intended to be read by the following people:

[+] Anyone interested in controlling their lighting, alarm, heating and entertainment systems on their smartphones or tablets while out and about or at home.

[+] Home builders interested in identifying specific home automation ideas that will differentiate their offerings and improve overall property sales.

[+] This book is a useful tool for electrical contractors and alarm installers who are unsure about how to start offering Smart Home installation services to their customers.

Anyone else curious about how to setup a Smart Home system at a reasonable cost!

Included in this new version are several new chapters, including two special chapters that my customers have been asking for since pretty much the beginning: 

The chapters emphasized in the book are;
[+] Introduction To Home Automation
[+] Choosing A Smart HA 2.0 Technology Platform
[+] Step 1 - Select A Smart Home Automation Controller
[+] Step 2 – Use Smart HA 2.0 To Enhance Family Security Levels
[+] Step 3 – Use HA 2.0 To Enhance Family & Property Safety Levels
[+] Step 4 - Add Lighting Control To Your HA 2.0
[+] Step 5 - Add Heating & Smart Energy Control To Your HA 2.0 System
[+] Step 6 - Add Multi-Room Music 2.0 To Your Smart HA 2.0 System
[+] Step 7 - Add Whole House HDTV Distribution To Your Smart HA 2.0 System
[+] Step 8 - Add Blind & Drape (Curtain) Control To Your HA 2.0 System
[+] Step 9 - Add A Home Cinema To Your Smart HA 2.0
[+] Step 10 - ‘Smartify’ Your Kitchen
[+] Step 11 - ‘Smartify’ Your Garden
[+] Step 12 – Embrace The Internet Of Things (IoT)

Each chapter includes technical illustrations, examples of how smart homes are helping people and insights from Gerard. Ready to start adding some Smart Systems to your Home? Then click the Buy button and Download - Thanks.

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