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At the comics bookstore, they say for everybody there's one comic that's a perfect match, whether we know it or not. So for the professor who gives courses on The Modern City and is a closet camera buff, it had to be Julius Knipl, Urban Photographer. And I've seen a vintage copy of Silver Surfer put in the hands of a poet who was once a lifeguard on a South African beach, and realized (checking out the look on his face) that for him, too, being a superhero isn't a fantasy--it's an option. Someone I don't even know, a friend of the person who gave it to me, picked out my destined comic book from a downtown storefront selling Japanese manga. How, is a mystery. I don't know the book's name, either, or the hero's name, because every word is in Japanese. But I looked inside and there he was: Manga Boy. No action hero, thank you: I'll just take this phantom kid with a long dash of hair inked slantwise over his forehead, unevenly printed on coarse, glued-together pages that won't last more than ten years (which I figure is about right). And these eyes, do I have to say it? Manga-style huge, of course--riveting as a Sumerian idol's, dazzling with faceted emotion.

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1. November
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